Terms & Conditions – Wholesale Customers

Wholesale Terms and Conditions


Before browsing our site, we invite you to consult the terms and conditions of our company “Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E.”.

Every user / customer who enters and makes use of the e-shop services automatically consents and accepts the following terms and conditions.


The company Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E through here website-store www.royalpartyshop.com. operates in Greece, Cyprus and internationally.

Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. has two goals:

To give its clients the opportunity to grow their business by supplying them with the widest range of party products and balloons.

To protect and support its partners.

Therefore, there are some terms and conditions for someone to obtain a wholesale customer code.

Who is entitled to a Wholesale Customer Code?

  • Party shops and balloon stores
  • Toy Stores
  • Christening and wedding shops
  • Decorators
  • Event organizers
  • Pastry Shops

If you do not belong to the above categories, you will not be allowed access to the wholesale site.

Sign up

If you wish to cooperate with our company, you must complete the registration form with all the required information. The competent department will later confirm that all specifications are met.

Within 48 hours you will receive an informational email, either with the wholesale password or the rejection message.

First Order

There is a minimum order limit ONLY for your first order. From your second order onwards there is no limit either in value or quantity.

The minimum order limit we set for the first order is EUR 250.00 (net worth of products).


Your password has no expiry date if you place orders on a regular basis in 6-month intervals.

If you have not placed an order within the 6 month period, then the password we have given you is automatically canceled.

However, you can apply for a new password. In this case the minimum order limit of EUR 250.00 (net worth of products) will again apply.

N.B: However, if the second password still remains inactive at any time for 6 consecutive months, then the password is automatically canceled again and you lose the right to re-register.

Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. reserves the right to delete the user / customer code without any notice / update.

How to Order

Wholesale orders are only completed electronically.

You can see our products live in one of our retail stores, but you cannot purchase them as a wholesale customer directly from our retail stores, as we also cannot place wholesale orders in our physical stores.

Payment methods

Bank Deposit 

The email confirming your order also lists the available bank accounts at 2 alternative banks.

In the case of a deposit, the name of your company, as well as the number / code of your order, must be stated.

In the event of remittance (rather than deposit or intra-bank transfer), the user / customer is charged with total costs (both of his own Banking institution and the beneficiary of the remittance) so that the final amount after the remittance costs of both banks, corresponds to the total order, so in the billing options given by the Bank you should select “OUR”.

Also, if deposited by another bank, your order will only be shipped when the amount has cleared in our account.

Lastly, you should deposit the money ONLY when you receive the confirmation email that your order is complete, along with the final amount which may change depending on the volume of your order (see "Shipping and Billing" section).

If the deposit is not completed within 2 business days of receiving the confirmation email, your order will be automatically canceled.


Shipping methods

Shipping in Attica

Pick up from our retail store in Kallithea, El.Venizelou 16 Av.

For orders up to € 99.00, we use Courier Center.

For orders over € 100.00 (net worth of products), parcels are delivered by our company and, no matter the volume of the package or the packages, there is no charge.

Shipping to the rest of Greece

Choose one of the following 2 ways:

With a courier company

With an agency

Shipping to Cyprus

Shipments to Cyprus are carried out by Skynet.

Shipments outside Greece and within the European Union.

Shipments to countries within the European Union are carried out by Skynet.

Shipments outside Greece and outside the European Union.

Shipments to the rest of the world are carried out by UPS.

N.B.: For shipments outside Greece, Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. bears no responsibility for any additional charges that may be added for the customer upon entry of the parcel or parcels into his country.

Any additional charges are borne by the customer.

Each country has its own regulations, so consult your tax office first.

Shipping via a carrier of your choice (for Greece, Cyprus and Other Countries)

You can choose to send your own carrier to pick up your parcel from our warehouses.

In this case, once your order payment has been completed, we will tell you when your order will be ready / packaged, so that you can inform your carrier to receive the parcel (s).

Once the company you have selected receives your order from our site, we are no longer responsible for the condition that you receive the products in. We are only liable if we have sent you the wrong product.

Order cancellation.

Upon completion of your order, the products you have selected are being withheld for you.

Once you receive the email with the total cost of your order, you have 2 business days to pay your order. During this time, you can request to cancel your order at any time.

However, once you have made the payment, no cancellation is possible. 

Delivery time

Delivery Time is calculated from the day your order is paid (in case of payment by card, payment will appear immediately, in case of deposit, once the amount has cleared in our account).

By paying your order, you receive the "Completed" email, which means your order has been sealed and is now in delivery.

Greece: 2 to 15 business days after completing your order.

Cyprus: 5 to 15 business days

Other Countries: 5 to 20 business days

In the event that for any reason, your order is going to exceed the time limits mentioned above, we will ALWAYS let you know before we send you the final cost of your order.


  • All prices are quoted in Euro.
  • VAT is 24% and is displayed at the final stage of your order.
  • Countries within the European Union

You must be registered with the VIES system to avoid being charged a 24% VAT.

  • Countries outside the European Union

The invoice we issue to you does not charge the local VAT of 24%. However, you will be charged the taxes of each country based on its customs clearance.

Regulations and taxes vary for each country. You should contact the competent department of your country yourself for further information.

Upon completion of your order, you will receive the final cost of the order within 24 hours, including shipping costs.

Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. reserves the right to adjust prices without notice.

On our retail site, you can see the suggested retail prices of products.


Always read product descriptions.

Colors may vary from the actual color / hue. Each screen, depending on the color analysis available, shows different colors. In addition, the same company can take a photo of the product that has a difference in color.

Product descriptions indicate dimensions, color and type of products.

Wrong, Damaged Products.

Please check very carefully the condition of the parcels you are receiving.

If you find that the parcel is torn at some point, or shows signs of moisture or any other type of damage, you MUST photograph it and when you sign the delivery document, write down the damage you see.

If you receive the parcel(s) without mentioning any type of damage, you automatically accept the fact that the parcels were received in excellent condition, thus losing the right to any claim.

In case there are any damaged products in your package, you should take pictures and let us know by email at info@boutiquepartyshop.gr. Do not forget to give us your order number / code to investigate your case.

In case of us shipping the wrong products, send us a picture at info@boutiquepartyshop.gr. Do not forget to send us your order number / code to investigate your case.

In any case, we must be notified within 3 business days of receiving the parcel (s).

After 3 business days, you lose either the refund or the right to replace the products.

In order to replace the products, we must first take back the original products to confirm that the packaging is sealed and in excellent condition.

Product Availability

Products that do not have the 'out of stock' mark are available.

However, you may be able to order a product that appears to be available, but ultimately it might not be.

How does this happen?

The products are not removed from the system upon completion of your order, but as soon as your order document is issued.

So when the user / customer complete their order, the products they have selected are withheld and, once the order is executed, they are removed from the system.

If then the user / customer has chosen the preferred method of payment, the document may be issued up to 2 days later.

This may sometimes create deficiencies that the user / customer may not be aware of. But this does not happen often and we try to minimize it by significantly increasing our stock.

So if there is a shortage in your order, we always inform you about it and then you have the following 3 options:

  • Replace the missing product with another code. 
  • We inform you of the date of arrival of the product, so if you wish we can postpone your order for a few days.

Products on request.

Aside from the readily available products, you will notice that there are also products available on request (backorders).

All our products are imported from abroad, therefore, depending on the source of each product, we inform you of the time of arrival (usually ranging from 4 to 20 business days).

If the final delivery time suits you, we will send you the total of your order to proceed with the payment of the products, then once your order is ready to be shipped to you, you will receive an additional message with the shipping cost of your parcel (s), which you will only be able to pay by bank deposit.

Liability of Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events Ε.Ε.

Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. is not responsible for the defects of the products available to its customers.

All products are packaged by our suppliers.

If, however, a defective product is found in the quantities delivered, you reserve the right for a refund or replacement.


During your visit to www.boutiquepartyshop.gr and in order to use our services and to ensure the ability to communicate with you, you will be asked to provide personal information.

The personal data you provide is for the sole purpose of safeguarding the operation of the respective service and may not be used by any third party, for the protection of the processing of personal data.

The personal data you submit to our online store is used exclusively by Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. to support, promote and execute the business relationship.

Modification of Terms

Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of trading at any time. Therefore, you have the responsibility to regularly read the applicable terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content of www.royalpartyshop.com, such as distinctive titles, labels, photos, design, etc. are the intellectual property of Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European Law, as well as by International Conventions.


Any action taken to cause harm to our systems, content, components and website in general, as well as any action intended to harm our interests, name, reputation, customer, honor and reputation, constitute, among others, criminal offenses, and give us the right to take any lawful action against those responsible, for the protection of our interests.

Applicable Law

Transactions through the online store www.royalpartyshop.com will be governed by Greek law.

The Athens Courts are solely responsible for resolving any dispute arising from these terms and conditions and sales through the online store.

Acceptance of Terms: Visiting our site constitutes an unconditional acceptance of these terms.